Dilettant Habits two

In 1997/98 I began as a vinyl mixing player (aka DJ) to work officially in some bars and clubs. And I thought: The first thing you need is a unique name. And I had no idea! So I played around with my first name and chosed an anagram – „Tasmo“ was born.

As you can hear on the following tape, my technical skills have not been very professional. A question mark after the two critical letters „DJ“ should compensate for this and make that clear. So I became my alter ego „DJ? Tasmo“.

The second thing you need as a becoming DJ are application tapes. The cassette „Dilettante Habits two“ shows some of my musical tastes at the late 90s. The tools I‘ve used are very traditional, one 1210, a cheep „Dual“ player, a two-channel mixer and a couple of vinyls.

Dilettante mixed vinyl on tape from 1998
Released by: Tasmo Tapes 2000
Release/catalogue number: TT04

Remote Chaos Experience

Three DJ mixes for the rC3 – the 37th Chaos Communication Congress

As a DJ I had a nice experience at the rC3 in between the pandemic lockdown. I was playing three DJ sets with VJs and their live visuals made possible by so many nice people supporting the event.…
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db by ryoji ikeda

Published on April 10, 2012

Фузион 2012 in Bildern

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